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London calling?

The last couple of months have been quite the whirlwind. I found myself in Sonoma for a work trip, followed by a week of bliss at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun with Danielle. I just got back to Minnesota after spending Christmas in Texas (where it was a balmy 80 degrees on Christmas day!) and am slowly recouping from all the madness. On top of all that, I was supposed to be heading across the pond in two weeks but alas, that has been put on pause. I was notified just before the holiday that the WSET was postponing graduation until April. While of course I am disappointed, I was expecting this and I am relieved that they didn’t just completely cancel the event. I’ll be holding my breath until I'm actually in England in April but am cautiously optimistic that it will move forward at that time. The travel rebooking has gone smoothly thus far, and the weather will be much more pleasant in London in April anyway. Keep calm and carry on, as Her Majesty would say.

I had to send the WSET a headshot for the graduation under somewhat of a time crunch and of course I had nothing recent and professional prepared, so my mom was kind enough to help me put something together.

I haven’t really gone into the details of the trip here yet, but it is going to be epic, when it finally does happen. My dad is going with me for the first 5 days, and then Danielle is flying out for the last six, and they’re going to overlap in the middle over the day of the ceremony. It was recently pointed out to me that they’ve never met, despite the fact that Danielle and I have been best friends for over a decade. Funny how things happen sometimes. Should be entertaining to say the least. Most of the members of my study group are also attending, and we have plans to meet for dinner the night before the ceremony -- it will be great to see them all again.

When I'm not obsessing over all things British, I'm slowly and sporadically working on finally finishing my French Wine Scholar program (I'll go into detail on that one of these days, probably), zooming biweekly with a new study group that has some of the same members to prepare for the MW entrance exams (yup, that's happening), preparing to train to teach some WSET courses locally (which I am so psyched for), binging Outlander (yes, still, I took a break, don't judge me), learning how to felt (fun because you get to stab things repeatedly), counting down the days until spring (too many to name), and finding other meaningful ways to pass the time.

Anyway, those are the dispatches from the northern front for the time being. We've got a forecasted low of -18 degrees this weekend, so New Year's will be spent inside making a roast chicken and drinking bubbles (well, that doesn't sound so bad, really).

A cool bottle of Mexican wine I tried in Cancun!

Currently listening to: Mellow Folk station on Amazon Music Unlimited (thanks Alexa!)

Currently drinking: hot mulled wine made with Rustic Roots 2020 Roots Red, honey, orange slices, and spices (warms the body and the soul)

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